Anesthesia Options

Both your safety and comfort are highly important to us during your treatment.  We offer several choices in anesthesia to help you have an excellent patient experience.

Local Anesthesia — The area will be ‘numbed.’  Local anesthesia will be used in all cases, even if other anesthetics are used. This will provide freedom  from discomfort both during and after the procedure.  The effect from the medication may last  up to 12 hours. 

Nitrous Oxide — “Lauging Gas” is a gas administered through a mask placed on your nose.  This provides a decreased sense of anxiety during your procedure.

IV Sedation — “Twilight Sleep” or “Conscious Sedation” is acheived though medication administered via an intravenous line.  This is a light sedation.  Most patients will not remember the entire precedure, but you may remeber portions of the procedure and will be able to respond to questions throughout the procedure.  You must have an empty stomach and a driver to undergo IV sedation.  

General Anesthia/Deep Sedation —  Similar to IV sedation, additional medications will be administed to provide deeper sedation and comfort throughout the procedure.  The goal of this type of anesthesia is to be competely unaware of the procedure.  Like IV sedation, an empty stomach and a driver are needed to undergo this type of anesthesia.

In all types of anesthesia, safety remains the most important factor in your care.  Some patients may not be medically qualified to undergo some types of anesthesia or surgical procedures.  Your care will be tailored to acheive the most comfortable, safe treatment possible.